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I honestly believe that patience is the number one quality in a Realtor! Alleviating the stress while finding the home you love, or selling the home you have, is my ultimate goal. Born in NC (Fayetteville), but living all around the Triangle for the past 26 years, I am acquainted with every bit of our piece of paradise.

Your home is your safe place, your SPACE, and I want to help you in every way possible to find that place. The same goes with selling a home, you buy a home because you love it and I want to capture the character of your home!

In a nutshell

  • I’m a wife
  • I’m a mother to 2 rescued puppies
  • I have a BA in Business administration with a minor in Human Resources! (and I’m obsessed with numbers and problem solving!)

I’d love to be your Realtor.

ELEMENT: Krypton (Kr)

Krypton is what is used to make lasers.  As your Realtor, I’ll use “laser” focus to help you reach your home buying and selling goals.

Fun Fact? 

Fun Fact? I have rebuilt a Honda motorcycle into a Cafe Racer (you may have to Google that).

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