Jason Smith

Jason Smith

I was born and raised in the small rural town of Siler City, about 45 minutes west of Apex. As a native North Carolinian, I have seen an abundance of change, especially in the Triangle. This growth and change has brought with it wonderful opportunities for so many to enjoy. Because of the many opportunities, I understand completely why so many people want to call North Carolina home. 

Real Estate has always been my passion because I love helping people. Whether it be buying or selling, I promise to guide you through the entire process with these qualities: humility, honesty, integrity, respect, and transparency. My goal is to make your home buying or selling experience one of the most positive and memorable experiences of your life. 

When not working, I love spending time with my wife, exercising, and going to the beach. 

I would love to help you today. 

ELEMENT: Thorium (Th)

I like to think of myself as thorough in everything I do to help my clients so I am adopting Thorium as my element. Thorium is known to be highly reactive and that is how you will find me – responsive to your needs. Certain Thorium salts are transparent to electromagnetic waves and you will find me honest, transparent and upfront in all of our dealings. 

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