Raleigh, the capital city, is a thriving Southern metropolis named by Money Magazine in 2016 as “The Best Big City in the Southeast.” Strong job growth, affordable housing, and excellent universities make this city one of the hottest spots for urban dwellers now.

With over 430,000 residents, Raleigh’s employment opportunities have grown by 20% over the past five years. Government and university jobs abound in downtown, while the nearby Research Triangle Park houses over 200 companies, including top employers Cisco, GlaxoSmithKline, Fidelity, and Credit Suisse. As a result, Raleigh boasts one of the highest concentrations of advanced degrees per square mile. Simply put, smart folks live here!

Raleigh is also known as “The City of Oaks.” Its neighborhoods span from the historic districts inside the beltline (ITB) to master communities and lakefront properties. Shopping destinations include Crabtree Valley Mall, North Hills, and Cameron Village. Sporting events include year-round amateur golf and tennis; top collegiate athletics at Duke, UNC, and NCSU; and professional hockey, soccer, and ultimate disc teams.

Raleigh is two hours from the coast and four hours from the mountains, making it an ideal home for those who love travel in every season of the year.